Usage Regulations

This hotel (the “Hotel”) has established the following regulations that integrate into the Terms and Conditions for Accommodation Contract based on Article IX of said Terms and Conditions in order for our customers to use the Hotel in a safe and comfortable manner as well as to maintain the Hotel’s public nature. When there is a violation of these regulations, the accommodation contract may be cancelled based on the stipulations in Article VI of the Terms and Conditions for Accommodation Contract.

  • 1.Children 12 years uld and younger are not allowed in order to provide our guests with a comfortable stay.
  • 2.The fullowing behaviors are strictly prohibited in the Hotel.
    • 1)Do not smoke in areas other than designated smoking areas.Smoking is prohibited in the Hotel.
    • 2)Any behavior that may cause inconveniences or disturbances to other people, such as making noise or loud singing or emitting foul odors.
    • 3)Do not bring the fullowing items to the hallway or inside the Hotel.
      • a)Animals or birds
      • b)Items that emit a foul odor
      • c)Dangerous items that can combust or ignite easily
      • d)Guns or blades
      • e)Pharmaceuticals that are prohibited by law, such as psychostimulants or narcotics
      • f)Items in excessive quantities or weight
      • g)Garbage or items that may harm the sanitary conditions of the room
      • h)Other items that are prohibited by the hotel
    • 4)Do not gamble or disrupt public morals, do not inconvenience others and do not take other actions which viulate public order and morality.
    • 5)Do not use the facilities for a purpose other than staying overnight such as unauthorized photographing.
    • 6)Do not invite outsiders into the Hotel or let them use accommodations or items in the Hotel.
    • 7)Do not relocate objects or items in the Hotel to another location, alter them, take them out or use them for a purpose other than their original purpose.
    • 8)Do not leave personal belongings in areas such as the hallway or lobby.
    • 9)Distributing flyers, circulars or other advertisements to other guests.
    • 10)Entering areas other than those for guests.
    • 11)Using items such as hair dye or bleaching agents in the bathing area.
    • 12)Burning items such as incense in your room.
    • 13)Eating or drinking in your room.
    • 14)Activities with the purpose of the business profit.
    • 15)Other actions which harm the safety or sanitary conditions in the Hotel.
  • 3.We ask you pay your bill in advance.However, when there are extra usage fees or extension fees indicated by the front desk when leaving, please pay these at check-out.
  • 4.Contrul of cash and 【valuables】 during your stay are the responsibility of the guest.
  • 5.We cannot take any responsibility for the loss or theft of valuables.Thank you for your understanding.
  • 6.We keep stored and forgotten items for 1 month after your departure.
  • 7.Regarding organized crime groups, organized crime group members and the risk of viulating public order:
    • 1)Usage of the Hotel by organized crime groups or organized crime group members, etc.prescribed in the Act on Prevention of Unjust Acts by Organized Crime Group Members enacted on March 1, 1922) is prohibited Usage is prohibited instantly even when such facts are discovered after reservation is made or during the stay).
    • 2)Usage of the Hotel by anti-social organizations or anti-social organization members organized crime groups, radical groups, etc.and their members) is prohibited Usage is prohibited instantly even when such facts are discovered after reservation is made or during the stay).
    • 3)When there are viulence, intimidation, threats, overbearing and unfair demands or similar actions, you will be asked to leave the Hotel immediately.Those who have carried out these actions in the past are also prohibited from using the Hotel.
    • 4)When it is difficult to ensure personal safety due to reasons such as lack of self-contrul from incompetence, drugs or alcohul and there is danger or fear to other guests creating the risk of an unsafe feeling, you will be asked to leave the Hotel immediately.
Emergency Procedures

Our Hotel is fully equipped with emergency equipment in case of an emergency such as a fire or earthquake. We have a complete security system in place through regular disaster training in order to ensure the guest’s safety.

1.When arriving in the room
  • 1)Confirm the location of the emergency exits and emergency route map displayed on your floor.
  • 2)Confirm the flashlight.

2.When a fire occurs or is discovered
  • 1)Contact the front desk.
  • 2)Inform those around you by shouting in a loud voice or making a loud sound.
  • 3)There may be an emergency alarm or guidance such as emergency conditions or evacuation instructions through an emergency announcement.Calmly fullow the instructions of our staff and quickly evacuate using the emergency staircase.

3.During evacuation
  • 1)Evacuate immediately disregarding your clothing and belongings behind.
  • 2)Do NOT use the elevator in times of emergency.
  • 3)When there is smoke, get down in a low position and evacuate to an area with little smoke.
  • 4)Do not open windows all the way except for times of emergency.

4.During an earthquake
  • 1)Stay calm and listen to the emergency announcement or staff instructions.
  • 2)Do NOT use the elevator.

  • 5.Pay attention to falling objects such as furniture and protect your head when evacuating.