Privacy Policy個人情報保護方針

Basic policy pertaining to the handling of personal information of the guest

LEO YU Capsule Hotel (hereinafter the “Hotel”) recognizes the important social responsibility of protecting and properly managing personal information and has established the following privacy policy, and shall execute and maintain the same.

1. Basic Policy

The Hotel highly regards and strictly adheres to laws pertaining to the protection of personal information and social order and puts efforts into proper handling and protection of personal information.

2. Acquisition, Usage and Provision of Personal Information

We acquire personal information through proper means and take measures such as announcing, notifying and clarifying its usage purpose. We do not use personal information in a manner that exceeds the scope of the usage purpose without consent of the personal information provider. We also follow procedures stipulated by law in cases of providing, disclosing, etc. personal information to a third party.

3. Collection and Usage Purpose of Personal Information

The usage purpose of personal information acquired by the Hotel is as follows.
Pertaining to the collection and usage of personal information by the Hotel, the guest consents that the Hotel uses personal information according to this Privacy Policy when the customer provides personal information on their own accord.

  •  ・Necessary work for acceptance of accommodations reservation.
  •  ・Providing information that is deemed beneficial or necessary to the customers such as information on new services.
  •  ・Inquiries and confirmation from the Hotel that are necessary to carry out work and collection of guest opinions in order to improve services.
  •  ・Responding to inquiries.
  •  ・Joint usage by the Hotel or affiliated companies.
  •  ・Acquired personal information may be used jointly by the Hotel and the Hotel’s group companies in order to provide better services.
4. Providing Personal Information to a Third Party

The Hotel may provide personal information to a third party in the following cases.

  • 1)When consent of the personal information provider is given.
  • 2)When based on legal stipulations.
  • 3)When it is necessary to protect human life, health or property and gaining consent of the personal information provider is difficult.
  • 4)When it is particularly necessary for the improvement of public health or the promotion of healthy development in children and gaining consent of the personal information provider is difficult.
  • 5)When it is necessary to cooperate in the execution of work stipulated by law of a national institution, local governing body or a commissioned party of these and gaining consent from the personal information provider poses the risk of obstructing said execution of work.
  • 6)Required items such as the name, address, telephone number and e-mail address of the personal information provider can be provided to a third party within the necessary scope to achieve the purpose of the usage through means such as in writing, mail, phone or e-mail. We will stop providing the personal information when there is a request from the personal information provider.
5. Safety Management Measures for Personal Information

Personal information possessed by the Hotel is managed in a proper and serious manner and we take necessary and proper safety management measures in order to prevent unauthorized access, loss, falsification and divulging of personal information.

6. Commissioning of Handling Personal Information

The Hotel shall not provide personal information to a third party without prior consent from the guest, except when disclosure is permitted by the Law or other laws or in the following case. The Hotel may commission an outside party to handle personal information it possesses. In this case, the Hotel will select a company that takes sufficient measures in protection of personal information and will carry out necessary and proper supervision of the commissioned party.

7. Procedures for Disclosure, Revision, etc. of Personal Information

The Hotel will accommodate requests from the personal information provider pertaining to the disclosure, revision and usage stoppage, etc. of personal information possessed by the Hotel without delay through procedures set separately by the Hotel.

8.Inquiries on Personal Information

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